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What does 📈 interest rates mean for Fix & Flip investors? 🏚 🤔

Someone recently asked me, "Do you think that interest rates going up to 5% will change the exit prices once the project is done?".

It is no secret that increased interest rates does cut a buyers purchasing power. We could see buyer pools of $700k homes look for $600k and $600k buyers to $500k.... but aren't we already seeing this?

Most buyers with budgets limited to a certain number are already looking for less expensive homes to compete with the 10-15-20% over ask anyways.

The fact of the matter is people will always need a place to live especially with the population of Denver growing 20%+ in the last decade. Demand is still exceeding Inventory and for a balanced market to take place, Inventory would need to meet Demand by 100%. We are currently at 6%...

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